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(Picture on the left by Carl Celius

The year ends with a fantastic World Championship in Dublin, Ireland. Out of that last championship one kickboxer must be mentioned for her achievments &rdash; Tonje Sørlie.

Tonje Sørlie from Norway is a unique champion and not many fighters can show the same result &rdash; Being world champion in 3 different disciplines. The record as of now is:

vWorld Champion in Light-Contact in 2003

vWorld Champion in Semi-Contact and Light-Contact in 2005

vCombat Games Champion in Full-Contact in 2010

vWorld Champions in Full-Contact in 2011

vIn addition several silver in Full-Contact in previous World Championships and her gold medals in European Championships and herWorld Cup victories

She is not only winning but really fight with a big kickboxing heart which result to versatility of her performance. She has impressing movement, good punch and last but not least, she uses kicks as a weapon and perform Full-Contact like it should be practiced &rdash; combinations of arms and legs all the way.

So, let us applaud a fantastic champion, a person that uses the total variety of our WAKO kickboxing disciplines in order to improve &rdash; a really good ambassadeur of our sport.

Also congratulations to former Full-Contact Champion Thomas Kristiansen that have made Tonje this unique.

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