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25th Anniversary of Polish Kickboxing Federation recognition by Polish Ministry of Sport

30th Anniversary of Polish Kickboxing participation in WAKO events, 35th Anniversary of kickboxing in Poland

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On last 28th February 2015 in Kielce (Poland) Polish Kickboxing Federation celebrated its 25th anniversary of recognition by the Ministry of Sport and the 30th anniversary of its fighters starts in WAKO not forgetting the 35th anniversary of the beginning of the development of the discipline in Poland. Historical participation of its athletes in 1985 in Budapest led to the first gold medal of Polish representatives in WAKO events. Recognition by Ministry of Sport took place on 3rd July 1989.

30 years of membership in the WAKO Kickboxing allowed to develop the sport in Poland at the world level. Currently more than 200 club members and their leaders are developing kickboxing in Poland.
The next generation of coaches and athletes proudly represent Poland in all WAKO events. The celebration took place in Kielce, where the people involved in the development of kickboxing in Poland were given medals of merit for their contribution to the development of the discipline.

At the end of the celebrations kickboxing galas were organized transmitted live to 28 countries on FightBox channel.
As a member of WAKO kickboxing in Poland has the best chance to develop at the highest level – thank you WAKO!

Kate Kociszewska

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