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The GameChangers meeting was a great success

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The second module in our WAKO GameChangers program was successfully organized on 15th September 2021 in Budapest, Hungary.
This was the first physical module with our 15 great talents from 15 countries.

They presented solutions on problem statements, we had lecture about good governance followed by breakout sessions and presentations of solutions. We had IOC Athlete support online, Chantal Buchser presenting the Athlete 365 and we had Zsofia Csonka from the Hungarian NOC Athlete Committee presenting the importance of Athletes involvement. Last but not least, we had IOC member from Hungary and former President of Hungary, Pál Schmitt, making a presentation about sport and politics.

More importantly, the participants worked, were active, creative and solution oriented.
What a day, what a group, what a future in WAKO.

Espen Lund and Zsolt Moradi


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