3 February Feb 2007 1100 3 February 2007
Athens (Greece)


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Mr. Nick Memos, one of the Greek legends in semi contact, in cooperation with Mr. Mike Triantafillou, is the promoter, once again, of the famous ATHENS CHALLENGE TOURNAMENT which will take place in two days (3-4 February 2007).
The competition will host semi,light contact and musical forms and will give out to winners 4500 Euros in cash prize money .
In the enxt few days, all information about this event will appear in this web site.
For any further information, you are kindly requested t conact Mr. Nick memos at:
+30-210 6852080-6853575
fax +30-210-6848258 mob +30 6936 852080 or contact Mike Triantafillou +30 210-6897230 mob +30 6945 494747
e-mail: mtgroup@otenet.gr

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