25 April Apr 2009 2122 25 April 2009
Amsterdam, Netherlands


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Dear WAKO and Kickboxing friends,

We have the pleasure to invite you to the Yokoso Dutch Open Tournament 2009.

The tournament will be a Semi-contact Tournament and Light-contact for seniors (also ladies).

This year we added extra categories for the different ages.

Multiple categories are possible.

The tournament will take place Saturday April 25th of 2009 in Amstelveen, The Netherlands (20 minutes from the centre of Amsterdam).

This event will be under WAKO rules.

We have included some hotels, but please keep in mind that due to holidays there are not many rooms available ( Hotels list and Bulldog Hotel Price list 2009 )

This time we also included some budget hotels in the centre of Amsterdam.

Nice to know on the 30th of April it is Queensday in Hollan

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