15 October Oct 2010 0200 15 October 2010
17 October Oct 2010 0200 17 October 2010
Bjølsenhallen, Moldegt 7. Bjølsen/Oslo, Norway

SCANDINAVIAN OPEN (FC-K1-SC-LC-MF) for Cadets, Juniors, Seniors

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Daimi Akin

Moldegata 7
0468 Oslo/Norway
+47 905 18 861

Dear Friends,

Fighter Kickboxingklubb and Norwegian Kickboxing Federation invites you to SCANDINAVIAN OPEN 15-17 OCTOBER 2010 - FULLCONTACT-K1-SEMICONTACT-LIGHTCONTACT-MUSICAL FORMS, SENIOR, JUNIOR, CADET (individual, open and team/ tag team and musical forms.)

NEW! This year K1 also.

Online registration before 8th October.

Hope to see you in Oslo.

Best regards,

Fighter Kickboxingklubb

Download here the official invitation letter

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