7 May May 2011 0200 7 May 2011
Amsterdam, The Netherlands


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Dear WAKO and Kickboxing friends,

Reminder! Coming weekend Yokoso Dutch Open Tournament 2011.

As usual we have Semi & Light Contact, Musicals Forms(with and without Weapons), but this year we also added Hard & Soft Forms. This event will be under WAKO rules.

Check for Hotel information the website: www.yokosodutchopen.nl. We also have created the possibility to let you, as our guests sleep in a gymnasium for €25 for 1,2 or 3 nights. Nothing fancy, just a cheap place to sleep. After the tournament get by tram in 25 minutes from the Centre of Amsterdam for the sleepingplace. Don´t forget to bring your sleeping bag. From Friday 21:00 till Monday 6:00.

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