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Scandinavian Open (9-11 October 2009)

Another successful Scandinavian Open has just been held in Oslo (Norway) .

Fighter kickboxing club and Daimi Akin have done an excellent job as promoters.

Staff, preparation and conditions were superb.

We had fights in the following categories:

·Light contact senior, junior and older cadets in both women and men’s categories

·Semi contact senior and junior in both women and men’s categories

·Semi contact open category for women and men

·Semi contact tag team category for woman and men

·Full contact junior men (NOR national rules) and senior women and men

There were over 100 participants from Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Estonia, Jordan, UK, Ireland, Germany and Portugal.

We had 20 referees/judges from Norway, Sweden, Finland and Jordan.

WAKO Referee seminar was held by me and Carlo Ryffel on Saturday 10th October prior start of competition for all referees.

Fighter Kickboxing club and Norway wish everyone welcome and look forward to next year’s competition!

Here is also the result from the WAKO PRO World title fight in full contact during Scandinavian Open that took place on Sunday 11th October 2009.

Caroline Ek Sweden - Joana Rodrigues Portugal

RSC 4th round (4 weeks quarantine by doctor)

·New WAKO PRO world champion: &rdash; 68 kg, Caroline Ek &rdash; Sweden.


·Centre referee. Carlo Ryffel Norway

·Judge 1: Sami Savo Finland

·Judge 2. Mosab Aljazaeere Jordan

·Judge 3: Raymond Andersen, Norway

All referees/judges participated in WAKO referee seminar prior competition Saturday 10 October.

Best regards

Thomas Steenberg

Chief Referee Norway and

WAKO Tatami sports Committee

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