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Terrorist attacks in Norway

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Dear all kickboxing friends,

On behalf of the Norwegian Kickboxing Federation I would like to thank you all very much for your condolences, caring and concern relating to the awful terrorist attacks in Norway 22. July. As we have understood, none of our members are victims in the attack. However, there may be some of our members that know victims or in any other way are affected. We simply don’t know yet.

Such attack is simply a pure evil act and can not be explained nor accepted by any human. Everybody in Norway are chocked and paralysed by this attack, but we have all reacted massively with the message:

Our society will be even more open, we will act with more democrazy and we will care for eachother even more.

Our proud people, living in a peaceful and harmonic country, have been more united &rdash; and the response from the world has been enormous. We will survive and we will not be stopped by violence from terrorists or extremist of any kind.

Let the sport of kickboxing unite people peacefully in respect and in fair play &rdash; no matter what culture, religion and philosophy J

Thank you again for all condolences. Seeing you soon in the championships.

Espen Lund

WAKO Vice-President

Sportaccord Council member

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