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- Registration, arrival and weigh-in -

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This is to repeat WAKO strict rule about registration, arrival and weigh-in at the WAKO Championships and also communicated to all WAKO members.

All teams need to register the total team in theWAKO Easy Registration Online system.
If you experience any problems you need to warn us. Any registration directly to WAKO HQ, to Organzing Committee members or to the Promoter will not be allowed starting from the World Championships in Brazil.
Your team need to registrate/arrive and weigh-in before the announced deadline and as repeated below:

The deadline for registration inBrazil are20th September. Then stop!
The deadline for registration inTurkey will be announced soon.
The deadline for weigh-in in Brazil areSunday 29th September at 19:00
The deadline for weigh-in forTurkey is Sunday 1st December at 19:00

This decision is not negotiable. Please book and register accordingly.

Espen Lund

WAKO Acting President

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