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Anti Doping Rules Effective from 1st January 2015

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Dear Presidents,

Herewith enclosed you can find the updated and approved WAKO-WADA Anti Doping rules which have come in to effect from 1st January this year. These rules no replace any previous rules you may have had and a copy should also be sent to your National Anti Doping Agency contacts. It is very important that a copy of these rules is also distributed to all your National Coaches in the various disciplines and that they and all your members are fully aware of the new rules and procedure within WAKO in relation to Anti Doping. I would also strongly suggest you have the code translated in to your own national language by a professional translator. WAKO is already in receipt of a compliance confirmation letter from WADA based on the attached rules, which ensures we are still fully compliant and in line with the new code which came in to force worldwide on 1st January within all recognized and official sports.

If you have any queries or require clarification please do not hesitate in contacting:
Mr Roy Baker- roy.baker@airtricity.com


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