5 December Dec 2016 1946 05 December 2016

Elections of Norwegian Kickboxing Federation

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On 6 November a new Board was elected in the Norwegian Kickboxing Federation (in the picture on the left).

The President is Mr. Bjørnar Sæther (on left below) and from 5 December Mr. Espen Lund, WAKO (IF) Vice-President (on right below), will function as General Secretary.

Mr. Lund was originally elected as Board Member, but since Lund due to structural changes became General Secretary, he had to step out of the Board.
Mr. Kim Kristoffersen, one of our WAKO international referees is also elected as VP in the Norwegian board. Here below the new elected board:

President: Bjørnar Sæther
Vice-Board member: Elizabeth Aasen Ellingsen
Vice President: Kim Kristoffersen
Board member: Malene Sønderaal
Board member: Marianne Lund Syvaldsen Øren
Board member: Renate Westby
Board member: Ulf Johansen

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