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IWGA Athlete of the Month: Datsi Datsiev

IWGA Athlete of the Month: Datsi Datsiev Congratulations to IWGA Athlete of the Month, February 2017, Kickboxing World and European Champion Datsi Datsiev!

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Datsi Datsiev is a 28-year-old kickboxer from Russia. Russian Honoured Master of Sports, he is six-times K1 Champion of Russia, K1 World Champion and K1 European Champion. He is qualified for The World Games 2017 in the 78 kg class. Kickboxing is in The World Games this summer for the first time, as an invitational sport.

"In sport, you always have to move forward,” Datsi Datsiev says. “My recipe is to defeat, to go forward and achieve goals despite the pain. Like a predator.” He is in fact known as ‘The Predator’ in kickboxing.

Datsiev is a professional kickboxer, and at the moment he is training for The World Games 2017 to be held in Wroclaw, Poland 20–30 July. “I do light jogging or swimming at 6 o'clock in the morning. At 11 a.m. I have a workout at the gym, which includes sparring, working in pairs, and practicing techniques which help me to be prepared for the fights. In the evening, I do a cross-country run of 5 km and then training with a personal trainer.”

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