23 May May 2018 1031 23 May 2018

Zsolt Moradi (HUN) appointed as new WAKO Athlete Committee Chairman

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We are happy to inform that Zsolt Moradi, 10 times WAKO World Champion and still active athlete and our Ambassadeur for Peace, has been assigned by the WAKO IF Board to be the new WAKO Athlete Committee Chairman. Mr. Moradi, educated as Master (MSC) within Sports Management, has done important progress in Europe, putting Athletes in the focus and we do hope that this change will transfer knowledge and inspiration to the other continents.
WAKO has always focused on athletes first, and this nomination simply manifests that we are serious in developing this important field of work, for and with the athletes.

We thank our former Chairman, Mr. Tomaz Barada for his work and dedication during the last years and we hope he will continue with the same spirit.

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