16 October Oct 2018 1031 16 October 2018

Bratislava: Senior European Championships (K-1, LK, KL)

October 16th Updates

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The running order can be downloaded on Sportdata at the download page of the event.


Please pay attention that there will be some categories in fighters that have two fights on one day.

Also you can check on draw records the fight numbers for the whole event.

https://www.sportdata.org/kickboxing/ausschreibungen/558/WAKO_EC_2018_Bratislava_KL_LK_K1-Draws Records.pdf

The opening ceremony will at 10:00 and we ask all teams to be there with the whole team. From each country we will need 3 fighters to be participating in the opening ceremony.

Please be in the sportshall at 9:30.

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