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Remembering the path to the recognition of WAKO by the IOC

From 16.11.2007 to 30.11.2018

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We are all proud of the IOC recognition we received on Friday 30.11.2018.
A great day for the history books of WAKO.
It is therefore a pleasure to launch the photos of the beginning of this relationship with the IOC.

The journey started with our Honorary President, Mr. Ennio Falsoni, who dedicated much of his time to develop and establish exactly this important relationship.
The first meeting of WAKO with the IOC Sports Department took place in Lausanne on 16.11.2007.
The objective of this meeting was to give IOC an introduction of kickboxing and representatives from the IOC were Mr. Christophe Dubi as Sports Director and Mr. Jean Laurent Bourquin. Vice President Espen Lund was there too assisting Mr. Falsoni.

Another milestone was on 15.11.2012 (in the pictures below) when WAKO had the first meeting with former IOC President, Mr. Jaques Rogge, in Lausanne.
The WAKO team was composed by Mr. Ennio Falsoni, Vice President Espen Lund and our dear missed friend Richard Leyrer, former WAKO Vice President.

A long journey to the provisional recognition of WAKO that took 11 years.

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