Athlete Information (Links are embedded):

WAKO/WADA work to ensure that athletes benefit from the same anti-doping protocols and protections, no matter the nationality, the sport, or the country where tested. The ultimate goal is safe and fair competition worldwide. The section below provides key anti-doping information for athletes. Please consult the menu the menu below.

Tools for Stakeholders (Links are embedded):

WADA’s Tool Kits are designed to be adapted and customized by stakeholders to suit their local cultures, conditions and resources, as well as their targeted audiences. Doping Control Video This video provides athletes with basic information about their rights and responsibilities in the doping control process. Health Consequences Leaflet The Dangers of Doping: Get the Facts leaflet provides athletes with information regarding the health risks associated with doping, by outlining the health consequences of using doping substances. Books for Children WADA’s Choose Your Own Adventure books provide the reader the ability to explore decisions about doping, both good and bad, without suffering the real life consequences. The books put the reader in the position to make multiple choices resulting in multiple endings.
These tools are considered living instruments and therefore will evolve over time as additions and improvements are made. The latest tools will be posted on our Web site.

WADA/WAKO Download Centre WADA publishes guidelines relating to doping control activities.

In cooperation with WADA, the International Anti-Doping Agreement (IADA) has also developed guidelines for Anti-Doping Organizations that have already obtained an ISO certification or that wish to be ISO-certified. These are: Guidelines for Transition and Guidelines for Certification.
As with all guidelines under the World Anti-Doping Program, these documents are subject to ongoing review and reassessment.