December 22, 2007

The success of Nigerian Kickboxing team to African Games in Algeria has been largely attributed to the good understanding and cooperation of some sports technocrats in the Nation, namely Dr. Amos Adamu, Chief Patrick Ikeji, Brown Ebewele, Al-Hassan Yakmut etc for accepting KBFN calls for second open Trial between those athletes already in the National Camp and those outside it due to the confusion created in the conventional technical rules and regulations by Bassey’s ignorance during the first open Trial.

Only twelve out of over 64 athletes produced by the first open trial were not “ trained security guards turned Kickboxers ” and this fact was later confirmed by the outcome of the second open Trial where non of the 52 remaining could make the final list of athletes to AAG. With the second open Trial therefore quantity just gave way to quality because of strict adherence to Kickboxing Conventional International Sport rules and regulations.

Again, in order not to violate the spirit of the Reconciliation Agreement signed with the National Sport Commission on 7 th June 2007, KBFN had to work against its own constitutional provisions, those of the World Body and the Confederation by allowing the inclusion of a “ strange fellow ” like Bassey in our technical officials team in the Game which was being managed by both KBFN International Federation (WAKO) and Confederation (CAKB). This also explains why Bassey could not be useful to our kickboxing technical team in Algiers rather he was stupidly engaged campaigning to form his own “ Continental Body ” for WKA.

Whereas Bassey’s claim of WKA’S representation in Nigeria is falsehood as such mandate is being claimed by two different persons in the same country, let aside the fact that such affiliation is useless to the development of kickboxing anywhere in the World. WKA is an individual club in Germany whose primary business is for the promotion of all martial art sports &rdash Karate, Judo Kungfu, Taekwando, kickboxing etc. This is why WKA could not be a member of GAISF at all like WAKO.

Unlike WAKO who has the mandate of the whole world for the management and development of kickboxing as amateur and professional sport. Why was it WAKO and CAKB, and not WKA that were in charge of Kickboxing in AAG, Algiers 2007? This is a question left for Victor Bassey and his few remaining followers to answer.

Save playing politics with truth, it is only a fool or an enemy of Nigeria that will accept such a fake to cause setbacks to the progress which kickboxing has made for the Nation so far through KBFN. All the facts about the relevance of affiliation are opened to anybody to cross-check in the internet.

I would, however, at this junction again stress that KBFN’S doors are still widely opened for the redevelopment of all the few remaining fake kickboxers in Nigeria .

Winners do not complain like losers do. For KBFN it is forward ever and backward never. We cannot be defocused by any noise from an empty barrel.

I therefore wish to appeal to the NSC supervising officials who saw it all in kickboxing camp and venue in Algiers to stop being economical with the truth for continued progress of the nation in the sport.





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