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Jarkko Jussila from Finland, one of the very few European fighters who took part (and got a gold medal!) in the World Cup promoted for the first time by Paulo Zorello and who is just back from Brazil, is really enthusiast about his experience in S.Paulo: “ Since WAKO is planning to have its 2013 World Championships in Brazil, I went there to see how they work. And after the beautiful time I had there (the final show was really superb) , I have no doubts that it will be success for WAKO and kickboxing worldwide! ”

Gentlemen, that’s more than enough for me, since I know the guy and who is competing everywhere. So he knows. I am then very pleased of informing you that there were 80 fighters in the World Cup which was very well organized , with great athletes from Argentina, Uruguay, Finland, Brasil, Chile, Portugal, Spain, Paraguay, Angola. Only categories from -71kg to +91kg in Full Contact, Low Kick and K-1, finals in absolutely fantastic evening gala!
In the end, Brazil finished first with 6 golds out of 10 finals.
Wishing to give you some highlights about individual competitions, Brazilian Thiago Michel in K1 Rules 75kg, won his three opponents convincingly demonstrate that it is one of best in class in the world and Finland's Jarkko Jussila, in Low Kicks 71kg, defeating his three opponents by KO , in the best European style of fighting.

With this last promotion, Brazil will now join the selected group of countries that carry out stages of the WAKO World Cup and will expect not only to disclose further KickBoxing as deserve the sport in the South American territory

The World Cup had an organization worth of major professional events in the world, struggles with high and was broadcasted via Bandsports Brazil and Sportv Europe and Africa, reaching more than 80 countries in total.The country is preparing now for the 2011 edition, which is sure to be even greater.

Paulo Zorello was also delighted about the event.
“ Hope to see you soon in KickBoxing Panamerican Championship 2010 held between 09-12 December ” &rdash; he said to everybody in the end. And that’s what we will do.

World Cup KickBoxing &rdash; 2010


Modalidade Low Kicks Feminino

Cat.60 Kg

1º lugar &rdash; Catarina Andreia Sabino Valerio &rdash; Portugal

2º lugar &rdash; Karolina Lemos Rodrigues &rdash; Brasil

3º lugar &rdash; Andrea Paola Salazar &rdash; Argentina

3º lugar &rdash; Carolina Rodrigues - Chile

Modalidade Low Kicks Masculino

Cat. 71 Kg

1º lugar &rdash; Jarkko Jussila &rdash; Finlândia

2º lugar &rdash; Alejandro Gabriel Vaca Blunda &rdash; Argentina

3º lugar &rdash; Sergio Rutela &rdash; Paraguai

3º lugar &rdash; Edgar Coelho Oliveira &rdash; Brasil

Cat. 75 Kg

1º lugar &rdash; Diego Gonzales &rdash; Argentina

2º lugar &rdash; Osvaldo dos Santos &rdash; Angola

3º lugar &rdash; Rogério Bezerra &rdash; Brasil

3º lugar &rdash; Idel Osmer Miranda Fereira &rdash; Paraguai

Cat. 91 Kg

1º lugar &rdash; Jorge Aci Canejo &rdash; Argentina

2º lugar &rdash; Jose Carlos de Oliveira &rdash; Brasil

3º lugar &rdash; Jair Miguel &rdash; Angola

3º lugar &rdash; Victor Hugo Arruda Maldonado &rdash; Paraguai

Modalidade K1 Rules Masculilno

Cat. 75 Kg

1º lugar &rdash; Tiago Michel P. Silva &rdash; Brasil

2º lugar &rdash; Steve Domingus &rdash; Angola

3º lugar &rdash; Luis Carlos Perez Garcia &rdash; Uruguai

3º lugar &rdash; Carlos Quinto Goiburu Martinetti &rdash; Paraguai

Cat. 81 Kg

1º lugar &rdash; Washington Luis dos Santos Junior &rdash; Brasil

2º lugar &rdash; Wagner dos Santos da Costa &rdash; Paraguai

3º lugar &rdash; Manuel Affonso Soleto &rdash; Uruguai

3º lugar &rdash; Ruben Dario Barbosa &rdash; Argentina

Cat. 91 Kg

1º lugar &rdash; Clei da Silva &rdash; Brasil

2º lugar &rdash; Antonio Paulo Magalhães Sousa &rdash; Portugal

3º lugar &rdash; Eduardo de Castro &rdash; Angola

3º lugar &rdash; Lucas Alsina &rdash; Argentina

Cat. acima 91 Kg

1º lugar &rdash; Ronaldo Leite &rdash; Brasil

2º lugar &rdash; Omar Dario Quiñonez Herrera &rdash; Paraguai

Modalidade Full Contact Masculino

Cat. 75 Kg

1º lugar &rdash; Rafael Allan Kaiser &rdash; Brasil

2º lugar &rdash; Zayas Dario Luis &rdash; Argentina

3º lugar &rdash; Jesus Lopez Marcos &rdash; Espanha

3º lugar &rdash; Roderik Gregorio Casa Nova Altuve &rdash; Venezuela

Cat. Acima de 91 Kg

1º lugar &rdash; Wallace de Farias &rdash; Brasil

2º lugar &rdash; Pereyra Leonardo Daniel &rdash; Argentina

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