26/02/2021: WAKO ATHLETE CORNER APP – 1st phase of Go Live!

The first edition of the Athlete Corner App, the digital version of the WAKO’s learn and share program, has gone LIVE.

Please follow the link https://wakoathletecorner.digital/ and create your own profile.
As you can see you have three main sections;

  • Information to you – information packages from various committees – to be further developed.
  • Sign-off modules – antidoping, integrity, referees etc – to be further developed. When ready we will at a later stage make all sign-off modules mandatory for our staff and athletes.
  • Registration for seminars – we will use all registration for online seminars via this app.

The app is connected to SportData and therefore it is not a unique app format, but a part of the seminar modules program. Despite this structure there are a lot of possibilities to structure information and educative modules.

Note; as regards the antidoping sign-off module, if you fail to answer correctly to all the questions you need to start over again. When finished successfully the participant will receive a congratulation message and it is possible to gete a personal online certificate from WAKO. (See below attached example of certificate).

The WAKO Athlete Corner APP will be developed going forward with the inclusion of more information from various committees and possibly with communication related to the IOC Athlete 365.

Please find below some screenshots of the WAKO Athelete Corner App.

WAKO Athlete Corner APP


Action, Excellence, Respect, Friendship, Joy, Fair Play.

A new Concept in #WAKO, an area for education, fun and reflection.
The #AthleteCorner is inspired by #IOC Learn & Share.
To educate, engage and influence athletes and participants to play an active role in their communities, to adopt and to live by the olympic values.

The 3rd edition of the WAKO Athletes Corner was held in occasion of the last Senior & Master World Championships (PF, KL, FC, MF) in Antalya, Turkey, from 26th to 29th November 2019. Here below the photo album of the activities that took place, you can also find below attached the official report and material used and shared during the Athlete Corner this year.

3rd WAKO Athlete Corner 2019

In Jesolo Lido (Venice), Italy, during the last Cadets and Juniors World Championships 2018 the 2nd edition of the WAKO Athlete Corner was succesfully organized!

2nd WAKO Athlete Corner 2018

The 1st edition of the #AthleteCorner was held in Budapest, Hungary, during the Senior World Championships 2017.

2nd WAKO Athlete Corner 2018