Dear WAKO Members,

We wish to inform you that, on March 12, 2022, the WAKO Board of Directors has approved the attached WAKO Safeguarding Policy aimed at protecting and safeguarding athletes and youth from harassment and abuse in sport.

WAKO Safeguarding Policy applies to all WAKO Members (including the National Federation Members – “NF(s) and the Individual Affiliated Members and Minors) participating in any WAKO Event.

According to the said Policy, each NF and/or promoter of any WAKO Events must acknowledge the same and undertake to implement it during each WAKO Event by appointing the WAKO Safeguarding Committee and the WAKO Minors Protection Officer before each WAKO Event. The names of the members of the WAKO Safeguarding Committee and WAKO Minors Protection Officer shall be formally communicated to WAKO Administration before each WAKO Event takes place.

WAKO Safeguarding Committee shall be composed (at least) of the following persons:

1.     a member of the security of the WAKO Event

2.     one or more members of WAKO Organizing Committee attending the WAKO Event

3.     WAKO Minors protection Officer

The role of the Safeguarding Committee is to serve in a neutral, unbiased capacity to receive complaints, assist in an informal resolution of complaints and investigate formal written complaints. In carrying out its duties under the Policy, the Safeguarding Committee shall be directly responsible to the WAKO Disciplinary Committee and WAKO Legal Committee.

WAKO Minors Protection Officer shall be appointed at any WAKO Event. Before each WAKO Event takes place, the name and contacts (telephone number, email) of WAKO Minors Protection Officer shall be communicated to all NFs participating in the relevant WAKO Event. NFs shall be responsible to train and inform (in writing) all Minors of their teams participating to the WAKO Events that WAKO Minors Protection Officer is available to provide with any support needed in case of occurrence of any situation which may give rise to the application of the Policy. NF or the promoter of the WAKO Event will provide to the Minors participating to the WAKO Event clear instructions on the name and modalities to contact the WAKO Minors Protection Officer.

We trust that the implementation of this Policy will bring more protection to our athletes and minors during any WAKO Event.

It is fundamental that each WAKO Member complies with the requirements set forth by the said Policy.

WAKO Women Committee and WAKO Legal Committee are available to provide full support to WAKO Members in connection with the effective implementation of the provisions of the Policy.

Yours faithfully,
Roy Baker
WAKO President