It is a pleasure to introduce WAKO’s new concept; Adaptive Program for people with Parkinson Disease.
This program is in line with WAKO’s Social Integration strategy – Because We Care. As a result of a very successful project in Singapore, we have asked our member to assist us in creating a general template how to project, develop and implement a program for this category. Needless to say, physical activity is important for all kinds of people, but for this category of disease it is critical and by using kickboxing and its balance and variety of physical training is critical in order to slow down the effect of such disease. WAKO wants to thank the Singapore federation and its leadership for the work they have done locally but also how they have assisted WAKO to make a template for other National Federations to use. We need also to inform that the Polish Federation have a similar project – It is all about learn and share and on this section we will publish other programs that we can categorize as part of social responsibility.

Please read more about WAKO’s Social Integration strategy – Because We Care – CLICK HERE!

WAKO’s Because We Care solidarity program has been implemented in Iraq

Together with Iraqi Kickboxing Sport Federation (WAKO Iraq) and the Mam Humanitarian Foundation, WAKO has agreed to deliver resources and budget to implement a self-defense program for women in the Arbat refugee camp in Sulaymaniyah in Northern Iraq.

WAKO has a solid resource pool in the Aikya Institute in Palermo, Italy, that has specially trained coaches with children and youth development capability as well as self defense specialists.

Started on 30th October 2021 until 5th November 2021, for 4 days Kickboxing Coach, Mr. Domenico Mandalari, visited the city Sulaymaniyah and the Arbat camp engaging, developing, training, instructing and coaching two female kickboxers in self defense and Kickboxing, as a part of our Federation in Iraq. Both Ms Selar Sabir and Ms Shene Bakhtyar will co-develop a weekly self-development program in the camp and going forward WAKO will together with our Iraqi Federation expand this program.
uring Mr. Mandalari’s visit he prepared the camp, demonstrated the program and scheduled several meetings and presented our sport to a wider audience.

WAKO President Roy Baker comments; “As President of WAKO, I and my 1st Vice-President Espen Lund, want to extend thanks and gratitude to WAKO Iraq President Qassim Al Wassiti for his leadership, his hospitality and his support. We also want to thank Mam Humanitarian Foundation and Mr. Hawbeer Salam on their initiative and in particular support. This cooperation is excellent and the dedication of all parties will for sure create a successful program, teaching self-defense to Women who live in a very difficult environment. This is a real teamwork and we see how easy it is to create action when the willingness is there. Last but not least, thank you to Domenico Mandalari who delivered his expertise with a true heart”.

It is worthwhile to mention that the initiative to create this project came from Iraq and as a direct consequence of WAKO’s involvement with Peace and Sport in Zaatary Refugee Camp in Jordan. WAKO’s Social responsibility program Because We Care has the objective to create hope, equality, future, pride and opportunities. In this program we try to use our sport to restore confidence and dignity and one of the key areas in this program is to work with refugees and without any political interference.

1st WAKO GameChangers Meeting, Budapest (Hungary), 15/09/2021