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From Africa to Wroclaw

WAKO Africa qualifications for The World Games 2017

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Qualification Championship for The World Games 2017 in Wroclaw, Poland, were held in Rabat, Morocco, from 23rd - 25th December 2016.

Thanks to the promoters Mr. El Hilali Abdelkrim, President of WAKO Morocco, and Mr.Driss El Hilali (WAKO IF Board member) and with help of Mr. Nasser Nassiri (WAKO Vice President), WAKO Africa held its qualifications for participating on The World Games next year.

The high quality of the organization, very good quality of fights was a real spectacle for more than 1000 spectators. On the Championship, three ambassadors of participating countries and WAKO President Dr. Borislav Pelevic as well were present.

Here below is the list of gold and silver medalists (first and second place) in each category.
The gold medalists (the first place) in each category below are qualified athletes from the African continent for The World Games.

1. men -63,5 kg Sailane Brah (Morocco) (gold medal)

Fahdy Khaled (Tunisia) (silver medal)

2. men -67 kg Settouti Youssef (Morocco) (gold medal)

Khazami Chakib (Tunisia) (silver medal)

3. men -71kg Quabissi Saad (Morocco) (gold medal)

Sifi Merouane (Tunisia) (silver medal)

4. men -75 kg Lazrak Mohamed ( Morocco) (gold medal)

Aberadi Mohamed (Egypt) (silver medal)

5. men -81 kg Agathe Vejaye I (Mauricius) (gold medal)

Merzak Soufiane (Morocco) (silver medal)

6. men -86 kg Fallak Aziz (Morocco)(gold medal)

Bouaziz Mehdi (Tunisia) (silver medal)

7. men -91 kg Yacouibi Tawfik (Morocco)(gold medal)

Arfaoui Badredine (Tunisia) (silver medal)

8. men +91kg Darkaoui Med (Morocco) (gold medal)

Achraf Mohamed (Egypt) (silver medal)

1. female -52kg Ahlam Elghoul (Tunisia)(gold medal)

Bourkadi Ilham (Morocco) (silver medal)

2. female -56 kg Housni Halima (Tunisia)(gold medal)

Raaoui Fatima (Morocco) (silver medal)

3. female -60 kg Tabit Nabila (Morocco) (gold medal)

Zaafouri Arij (Tunisia) (silver medal)

4. female -65kg Naili Soukaina (Morocco)(gold medal)

Sayeh Soukaina (Tunisia) (silver medal)

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