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Dear All,

According to the last revision of WAKO Board we are pleased of officially presenting the DEFINITIVE, CLEAN and REVISED WAKO RULES, finally updated on March 2011, that you can find also under "Rules" section:

Chapter1_General Rules

Chapter2_Ring Sports_General Rules - includes Art. 17 about how Muslim women dress in WAKO events

Chapter3_Tatami Sports_General Rules - includes Art. 12 about how Muslim women dress in WAKO events

Chapter4_Semi Contact

Chapter5_Light Contact
Chapter6_Kick Light

Chapter7_Musical Forms

Chapter8_Full Contact

Chapter9_Low Kick
Chapter10_K-1 Rules

Always under "Rules" section the link "Tracked Changes on WAKO Rules" is at disposal for you to check which kind of corrections have been made in comparison with the "Old WAKO Rules"

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