23 March Mar 2016 1634 23 March 2016

The REGISTRATION for the Hungarian World Cup HAS STARTED!

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Dear Fighters, Coaches, Referees and Sport Leaders,

For the first time:

- we have 344 (record number of) categories,
- we have under green belt categories,
- we have veteran categories,
- we have light-contact team events,
- you can register for not only one but more weight categories,
- you can move up to an older age category as well!

• You can register on the following link at Sport Data only:


Website: www.HungarianWorldCup.hu

E-mail: info@hungarianworldcup.hu

Phone: +36302784580 | Zsolt Moradi - Organizer

If you have any questions about the registration, feel free to contact us anytime!

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Thank you for your assistance in advance.

Best regards,


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