8 Star tournament – Fullcontact Kickboxing

May 6, 2014
by Per Andreas Ringsby

8 Star tournament in Oslo, Norway is taking a important possision in Fullcontact Kickboxing. With 11 strong countries participating, and using this tournament for qualification to WAKO championship this autumn, this seems to be the most important tournament for fullcontact in Europe.

Over two days quality fighters have met and challenged each other in the ring. With prominent guests from the official Norway ringside and with good media coverage this is the highlight of the year in Norwegian fullcontact.

Participating countries:

Brazil , Russia, Poland , Hungary, Finland, Sweden, Italy Germany , Ireland, Great Britain and Norway

– The 8 Star tournament is very professional with good help from WAKO nations and Norwegian Kickboxing Federation. WAKO Kickboxing have the very best fighters, and we are proud to been hosting them here this week-end. The tournament has a magical mood in beautiful Oslo. We really look forward to next year, it will be even bigger and better, says promotor Daimi Akin from Fighter Kickboxing club.

If you want to see fights from 8 Star0, look here:


W -48 Kg

1. Flavia Gasperini, Italy

2. Anastasiya Kulakova, Russia

3. Mirja Luukkonen, Fighter KBC (Norway)

W -52 Kg

1. Hanne Lauslehto, Finland

2. Clarissa Oddi, Italy

3. Orla O Brian, Irland

3. Stefania Spanò, Italy

Ina Marie Valmestadrød, Tønsberg KBC (Norway)

W -56 Kg

1. Dorota Godzina, Poland

2. Marielle Kongsvold, Fighter KBC (Norway)

3. Ros Wilson, Great Britain

3. Mathilda Lundqvist, Fightclub Stockholm (Sweden)

Csilla Megyeri, Szigetszentmiklos Tokol SE (Hungary)

Karolina Gleisner, Poland

W -60 Kg

1. Thea Therese Næss, Fighter KBC (Norway)

2. Jenna Puurunen, Finland

3. Andrea Sigersvold, Sentrum KBC (Norway)

3. Sophie-Loren Bortolon, Germany

Jade Gibbons, Ireland

W -65 Kg

1. Elisabeth Stålesen Våde, Fighter KBC (Norway)

2. Nataschen Bauer, Germany

3. Danila Bellezze, Italy

W -70 Kg

1. Birgit Reitan Øksnes, Fighter KBC (Norway)

2. Boglárka Brunner, Szigetszentmiklos Tokol SE (Hungary)

3. Claudia Kiontke, Germany

3. Claire Louise Sweetman, Irland

W +70 Kg

1. Julie Nordseth Oterholt, Fighter KBC (Norway)

2. Pernille Bure Karlsen, Fighter KBC (Norway)

3. Maria Barcikowska, Poland

3. Desiree Carlsen, Tønsberg KBC (Norway)

Lianne Mcaree Murphy, Ireland

Junior M -71 Kg

1. Peter Carr, Irland

2. William Bruun, Horten KBC (Norway)

M -54 Kg

1. Sahand Lahafdoozian, Sentrum KBC (Norway)

2. Afshin Najibi, Fighter KBC (Norway)

3. John Mc Ateer, Irland

M -57 Kg

1. Said Shahwali Firouzadeh, Bergen KBC (Norway)

2. Michael Welan, Irland

M -63,5 Kg

1. Gábor Görbics, Szigetszentmiklos Tokol SE (Hungary)

2. Milton Barrios Galarreta, Bergen KBC (Norway)

3. Kian Golpira, Germany

3. Thomas Delaney, Irland

M -71 Kg

1. Zoltán Laszák, Szigetszentmiklos Tokol SE (Hungary)

2. Dávid Elszaszer, Szigetszentmiklos Tokol SE (Hungary)

3. Shakhmar Aliev, Russia

3. Aleksandr Ugrumov, Russia

Marius Sjursæter, Bergen KBC (Norway)

Adriano Amorim, Brazil

Ufuk Seven, Germany

Matteo Calzuola, Italy

M -75 Kg

1. Sascha Schuchart, Germany

2. Alessandro Manfredi, Italy

3. Robert Krason, Poland

3. Jarlet O Conner, Irland

Wilson Miranda, Brazil

Alexander jacobsen, Bergen KBC (Norway)

Cedric Escames, Bergen KBC (Norway)

Raymond Gaassand Straume, Fana KBC (Norway)

M -81 Kg

1. Viktor Fröhlich, Germany

2. Terje Unnerud, Fighter KBC (Norway)

3. Damian Darkker, Irland

3. Sean Lokale, Fightclub Stockholm (Sweden)

Maris Karstais, Bergen KBC (Norway)

Igor Golyak, Russia

M -86Kg

1. Mateusz Kubiszyn, Poland

2. Konstantin Filatov, Germany

3. Alan Coffey, Irland

3. Andrey Radchenko, Russia

Philip K Rweyendela, Champions KBC (Norway)

M -91Kg

1. Robert Paulsbyen, Fighter KBC (Norway)

2. Egor Ivanushkin, Russia

3. Szymon Was, Poland

M +91 Kg

1. Jakub Kozera, Poland

2. Thomas Japertas, Irland

3. Khuseyn Dresov, Sentrum KBC (Norway)

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