9th Panamerican Kickboxing Championship – Participate And Become Part of History

November 4, 2016

Pan American Championship 2016 is over.
One more fantastic championships, one big step forward in developing WAKO as a stable, big and perspective organization.

Continents are finishing their activities for 2016. Pan America as the biggest part of WAKO had a significant championship which marked the qualified athletes for The World Games 2017. The reason more to know that here, in Cancun, we had the best athletes of the specialty.

WAKO Mexico team was working very hard to achieve a high-quality event worthy of our sport and confirmed the trust and responsibility placed to Mr. Fernando Granados Leon, President of WAKO Mexico.

Before the Championships, we had Referee seminars for ring and tatami disciplines.

Jan Frana was the chief referee for ring sports. He held seminar with demonstrations for his colleagues:
“A lot of hard work, precious experience for all of us, but must say that referees and judges in Pan America are making a huge progress.”, were his words after the Championships was over.

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Gina Engelhardt was the chief referee for tatami sports. She held the seminar too and shares almost every word Jan Frana said about the quality of refereeing on the Championships.

The opening ceremony of the Championships was on Thursday 27th Oct. and it was fantastic.
The same day Board WAKO Pan Am meeting was held.

This competition had 16 nations registered with 871 entries, competing in all seven WAKO disciplines.

We have the travelers to Wroclaw next year representing Pan American continent in WAKO K1 discipline. According to the rule defined by IWGA, we will have these categories present in Wroclaw:

K1 Rules
Weight Divisions:
Male: Female:
– 63.5kg – 52 Kg.
– 67 kg – 56 Kg.
– 71 kg – 60 Kg.
– 75 kg – 65 Kg.
– 81 kg
– 86 kg
– 91 kg
91 kg +

Female athletes : Ashley Acord (USA), Asis Pamela (BRA), Martinez Aceves Melissa (MEX), Carnieto Vanessa (BRA), Young Kaitlin (USA) and Werner Juliana (BRA).

Male athletes : David Aceves Martinez (MEX), Jason Hinds (CAN), Bruno Gazani (BRA), Hernan Emmanuel Marciel (ARG), Wallace Lopes (BRA), Omari Boyd (USA), Leandro Cruz (BRA), Jerome Ward (USA), Willer Alves (BRA) and Scott Bartlett (CAN), Guto Inocente (BRA) and IVAN GALAZ (CHI).

The Panamerican Kickboxing Confederation and WAKO Mexico thank everyone and each President, coach, judge and competitor for their participation in this great event.

We all will win in the measure we all add together ”.

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