Awarding Ceremony of WAKO IRAN medalist’s athletes

September 4, 2015

2015-09-04 : WAKO IRAN reported that on 21 August 201, WAKO Iran leaded by Nasser Nassiri, WAKO Vice President, President of WAKO ASIA and President of WAKO Iran Kickboxing Organization (WAKO IRAN) held a meeting with some of the Delegates and Chiefs committee of WAKO Iran Kickboxing organization from Iran different provinces.

The meeting held in occasion of Admiration & Awarding Ceremony of medalist’s athletes of WAKO IRAN during WAKO ASIAN Championships 2015 Pune-India who received the awarding, gift and materials for their performance during 2015 WAKO ASIAN Championships in Pune.

Mr. Alireza Salehpour, WAKO Iran Vice President and Deputy Chief of WAKO West Asia, Dr Hasani Hossein, Iran parliament deputy, member of WAKO Iran board of Directors, Chief of WAKO Asia and WAKO Iran Medical Committees were among the WAKO Iran officials participating in meeting and awarding ceremony.

Mr. Salehpour at the occasion of awarding ceremony thanks Mr. Nassiri, for his hard work during last 20 years for development of Kickboxing sport not only in Iran, but all around the world in particular in Asia where Mr. Nassiri effort ended to recognition of Kickboxing sport by Olympic Council of Asia (OCA) in September 2005 and in 2007 recognition of WAKO Asia as body in charge of Kickboxing in Asia and inclusion of Kickboxing in prestigious Asian Indoor & Martial Arts Games promoted by OCA.

Dr Hasni at the same occasion remind the WAKO Iran athletes the important of compliance with Anti-Doping rules and regulations set by WADA and informed the members that together with his committee he is at disposal of the Delegates, Chiefs committee and athletes of WAKO Iran in different provinces.

WAKO Iran delegation participated in WAKO Asian Championships 2015 in Pune – India from 1 st to 9 th of August 2015 with delegation of 23 persons. The performance of WAKO Iran athletes confirm the hard work of Mr. Nasser Nassiri, President of WAKO IRAN during last 20 years. WAKO Iran delegation returned home with 30 medals (15 Golds, 10 Silvers and 5 Bronze). It is noted that some of the athletes participated in different styles in tatami and Rings sports.

The Delegates, Chiefs committee and medalist’s athletes received the prestigious gifts and mementos at the occasion of Admiration & Awarding Ceremony from Mr. Nasser Nassiri and WAKO Iran executive board members. The ceremony ended with an official dinner at one of the famous restaurant of the Capital “Tehran”.

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WAKO IRAN KICKBOXING ORGANIZATION (WAKO IRAN), leaded by Mr. Nasser Nassiri, is WAKO (IF) and WAKO ASIA only official representative in Iran, founded in 1993 by initiative of Mr. Nasser Nassiri (the founder). WAKO IRAN is a not for profit organization, non-government organization and its main objectives is to promote WAKO Kickboxing Sport (Mats Sports & Ring Sports Styles) in Iran, at all levels, as a means to contribute to the positive development of society.

WAKO IRAN, obey all WAKO (IF) and WAKO ASIA Rules & Regulations and do not conducts any activates with Iranian Martial Arts Federation as well as the dissident kickboxing groups members of that Federation.

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