Balkan Open 2016

May 12, 2016

Balkan Open 2016 was held in Tesanj (Bosnia and Herzegovinaon) on 07.05.2016.
Participation number of entries 455, number of competitors 330, number of clubs 82, number of countries 12. Competitions were held on 4 tatamis and 1ring. Event was held in a sports atmosphere.
Balkan Open was attended by Minister of sport and Minister of economy of Zenica-Doboj Canton, mayor town of Tesanj, President Kickboxing Federation Ukraine Olga Pavlenko, President Kickboxing Federation Croatian Tomislav Bilandžić, member of the Sports Committee of Ukraine Anna Zahyrova and vice president of WAKO Kickboxing Balkan Union Alija Ogrić. Competitors from Ukraine, Austria, Sweden, Denmark, Slovenia, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Montenegro, and Bosnia and Herzegovina partipacipated to the Balkan Open. Best team in the ring disciplines team Sv.Georgije B.Luka Bosnia and Herzegovina and tatami discipline the team Metex05-Controll Sportclub Hungary.
We thank all participants for coming.The judges made a very god job, and a lot of thanks goes to them. Official results of the Balkan Open 2016 available on www.kickboxing-data.com .

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