Bestfighter WAKO World Kickboxing Cup 2019

July 4, 2019


The success of the Bestfighter

24th edition of the well known WAKO tournament seems that every year it looks fresher, younger and more massive. With the increased number of the fighting areas and improved accrediting, weigh-in and awarding ceremony system, it has become a high comfort tournament, well done for the teams for easy planning trip to Rimini.

Gathering all WAKO fighting styles but now opening the new, experimental age division in Point Fighting for children, boys and girls from 8-9 ages old, The Bestfighter World Cup has become a unique event from where some champions will raise, but for sure where all the participants will have a lot of fun. This was established under the name “Let our children play”, with the main goal to let children of the early age be a part of a big sports event, to have teammates and to feel the beauty of victory, and to learn how to grow and to deal with the challenges of life.

There are not only athletes who are rewarded, every year there are special awards:

The Best Tatami Fighter, The Best Ring Fighter, The Best Tatami Referee, The Best Ring Referee, The Best Coach for Fair Play. It seems there is strong monitoring of all activities during the competition, which motivates all at the tournament.

This year tournament was not only a sporting event but also a great humanitarian event, dedicated to WAKO champion Paulina Aleksandra Jarzmik, who is fighting very serious health problems. The idea was to give Paulina not only friendly support but also financial help. A whole profit which came from the sale of the special T-shirts has been donated directly to Paulina.

The event promoter, Gianfranco Rizzi, sent her the money with the message: „Dear Paulina, you are not alone in this difficult fight, as we all are with You and You have near all your loved ones, but You have much more. Together with you, there are all the fighters of your club, all those of your national team, and all the WAKO circuit fighters; you have an army of allies and you will win!”

The special T-shirts were also sent to Za’atari refugee camp in Jordan, where WAKO has very frequent activities in sports program for kids.


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