European Cup Karlovac open 2017 – record number of applications

March 6, 2017

In Karlovac in the period from 12th to 14th February 2017., it was held 4. European Cup „ Karlovac Open “ 2017, with a record number of 2,064 applications and more then 1.200 competitors, from 187 clubs and 28 countries form Europa, Asia and Africa. Although it was expected around 1500-1700 competitors, the last day of registration number stopped at 2064 !!!
The European Cup was sponsored by the SAP fighting tribe company, and it was under patronage of President of the Republic of Croatia, the State Office for Sport, Croatian Kickboxing Federation, Karlovac County, the City of Karlovac and the Croatian Institute for Toxicology and anti-doping.

karlovac open 2017

On the first day of competition, in Friday, 12.2. the schedule was a competition in musical form and Grand Champion in the discipline Point fighting, individual and team, and after that the night show, “Super Fight” on which he was 8 fight in amateur kickboxing, of which 6 in the discipline Full Contact, one in discipline Low Kick, and one in the K-1 Rules. In these 8 fight featured representatives from 11 countries and have fought for the winning champion belts.

Special guest of the evening was Branko Cikatić, who 15 years ago helped to organizer of European Cup Karlovac Open, Mr. Zoran Cicvara, to open the club Kickboxing Club Tiger Karlovac. Branko was first fighter in the World who win in Tokyo 1993. On first K-1 tournament. After the main evening match in K-1, Branko was awarded the belt to the winner of Israel, Loay Sakas.

OPENING -  karlovac open 2017

The whole European Cup was on Live Streaming, and watched more than 50 countries in Europe and worldwide. Sports TV (Croatian Olympic Committee), has repeatedly aired amateur Super Fight event, which this interesting sport further closer to all interested parties.

Belt for super fight night

Results struggle Super Fight:

Sahand Lahafdoozian (Norway) – Larion Nagy (Hungary) – Full Contact -54 kg 3-0

Michael Javorović (Croatia) – Lorenzo del Gaudio (Itallia) – Full Contact – 67 kg 2-1

Scot Brewer (Wales) – Roman Lazukin (Russia) – Full Contact -71 kg 3-0

Ross Wilson (Great Britain) – Veronica Mangione (Italia) – Full Contact -56 kg 0-3

Nikica Radoniæ (Croatia) – Fesnik Gashi (Austria) – Full Contact -81 kg 3-0

Novak Radulovic (Serbia) – Roy Wischman (Norway) – Low Kick -71 kg 3-0

Isa Kartag (Turkey) – Petr Kares (Czech Republic) – Full Contact -91 kg 1-2

Loay Sakas (Israel) – Daniel Kabir Lovero (Italia) – K-1 Rues -71 kg 3-0

The second day of the European Cup in Karlovac began with the opening, with Karlovac civil guard and majorettes, the competition was opened by the President of the City Council of Karlovac Mr. Damir Mandic.

On the schedule are subsequently were fighting in the ring fighting in full contact, and on the mat in the discipline Points fighting, which lasted the whole day.


The third day of the schedule were fighting in two rings, in a discipline in low kick and the second in the K-1, while the 7-tatami combat took place in light contact and Kick Light.

This European Cup is biggest and strongest competition in this part of Europe, because it was 1.500 starts from other countryes and only 500 starts from Croatia….

According to reports most were Croats 530, then 439 Hungarians,176 Slovenian, 164 Italians, 101 Austrians, 100 Czechs, 77 Bulgarians, 61 Israelis, 60 of Bosnia and Herzegovina and so on ….

The most successful country after winning gold medals are:

1. Hungary – 78,

2. Croatia – 75,

3. Slovenia – 38,

4. Czech Republic – 30,

5. Italy – 20 ,

6. Russia, Ukraine – 13,

8. Great Britain – 10,

9. Slovakia, Israel – 8

11. Bosnia and Herzegovina, Austria- 7

13. Bulgaria, Serbia, Belgium, Wales – 6

17. Kirghistana -5,

18. Norway -4,

19. Poland, Danmark – 3

21. Scotland, Montenegro – 2

23. Turkey, France, Latvia, Germany – 1,

The most successful teams (total 187) won the gold medals are:

1. WAKO national team Czech Republic – 29,

2. Kiraly team Hungary – 27,

3. Debreczeni team Hungary – 18,

4. WAKO Ukraine National team – 13,

5. Kickboxing Club Tiger Karlovac Croatia – 11

6. Hwarang Maribor Slovenia, Gepard Slovenija – 10

8. Team Lombardia, Italy – 9

9. WAKO national team Israel, Kickboxing Klub Sušak Rijeka -8

The most successful clubs from Croatian by the number of medals are traditionally host Kickboxing Club Tiger Karlovac, coach Zoran Cicvara (11 gold) and Kickboxing Club Susak from Rijeka, coach Branko Fibinger (8 gold), while the third positioned Kickboxing Club Marjan 1975 coach Peter Mijića from Split.

Winner belt - european cup karlovac open 2017

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