September 7, 2009


Mr. Nasser Nassiri, WAKO Vice President and President of WAKO Asian Continental Division, was in Ho Chi Minh City (Saygon) &rdash Vietnam in last March and after having founded and inaugurated the Vietnam Kickboxing Association “ WAKO Vietnam ” with the Vietnam Sport Authorities coordination he conducted three full days of Kickboxing seminars.
Today more than 8 million people are living in Ho Chi Minh City. More interesting thing in this city is the number of Motor cyclists which is estimated being more than 4 millions.
For the first time in Martial Arts History of Vietnam, the Vietnam Sport Authority authorized the foundation of a Kickboxing Association. This is another victory for Kickboxing sport and WAKO Asia being a leader of Kickboxing in Vietnam. Mr. Nassiri was assisted with Mr. Vu Duc Thinh of Vietnam Boxing Federation whom coordinated with the local sport authorities. Mr. Vu Duc Thinh was nominated by Mr. Nassiri after consultation and approval of WAKO as being coordinator of WAKO national in Vietnam. The names of Mr. Nassiri and Mr. Vu Duc Thinh will be forever in the history of Kickboxing sport in Vietnam as Pioneers and founders of sport of Kickboxing in Vietnam.
The goal of seminar was to familiarize the Vietnam athletes whom practicing other martial arts sports to Kickboxing. More than 300 peoples were took place each day in this seminar. Many essential points were part of discussion during the seminar, including WAKO rules and regulations, official styles practicing in WAKO, athlete’s safety, safeties equipments and WADA Anti Doping and its application to all WAKO members and athletes.
The Vietnam Kickboxing Association which is taking part in Thailand 1st Asian Martial Arts Games in August will select his athletes among the one whom did participated in this seminar.
The foundation of Vietnam Kickboxing Association was decided by Vietnam Sport Authorities with coordination of Mr. Nassiri in order to allow to Vietnam to attempt the Kickboxing competition in Vietnam 3rd Asian Indoor Games promoted by Olympic Council of Asia (OCA) which will be held from 30 October to 8 of November 2009 in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. The Asian Indoor Games is one of the most prestigious games organize in Asia by OCA and is supported by 45 Asian NOC’s. After granting by OCA the recognition in earlier 2007 to WAKO Asia as being the body in charge of Kickboxing in Asia and inclusion of Kickboxing sport under supervision of WAKO Asia, the new step of development of Kickboxing has started in Asia under Mr. Nassiri’ direct management and supervision.
The Asian NOC’s now fully support the WAKO National Federation in their countries and will provide to them more facilities as before in order to have more chance to obtain the prestigious medals involved in the competition.
WAKO (IF) and WAKO Asia is thankfull to Mr. Nassiri for his efforts to develop WAKO activities in Asia.

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