Fruitful days in Dubai with the Arab Federations

January 24, 2022

Earlier planned meeting with members of WAKO Arab Kickboxing federation now are executed in Dubai UAE, where WAKO Vice President Espen Lund met Mr. Basel, Mr. Qassim Al Wasiti and Mr. Tareq Almheiri, who organized this meeting, showing great hospitality. Beside WAKO members from UAE, Jordan, Iraq and Bahrain, more participated online at the meeting; Saudi Arabia, Libya, Palestine and Syria.

At the meeting was present WAKO Board member Mr. Carlos Ramjanali, introducing the new WAKO-PRO concept, informing about the new Memorandum of Understanding signed between WAKO and WAKO PRO, new sponsorship contract, announcing new continuous actions in PRO sport field.

The outcome of the meeting was to harmonize activities and to open new areas of cooperation.

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