Great Kickboxing in Argentina

December 15, 2014

On the 2014 WAKO PANAMERICAN Championships which was held from 4 to 7 December 2014 in Corrientes, Argentina, Mr. Borislav Pelevic, WAKO Europe President and WAKO IF Vice President and Mr. Nasser Nassiri, WAKO Asia President and WAKO Vice President were special guests on the General Assembly.

Mr. Borislav Pelevic, with Mr. Jan Frana, International referee from Czech, leaded the seminar for 45 judges and referees from Pan America, for ring sports.


In the picture Mr. Borislav Pelevic with referees on the seminar

Every day before the fights started, they had short briefing for all referees.

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Borislav Pelevic, Jacueline Walters, Tim Mazurkievich and Jan Frana

In agreement with Acting Chairman of WAKO referee Committee Mr. Vadim Ukraintsev, after the competition Mr. Borislav Pelevic announced four referees for international referee C class ( two from Brasil, one from Argentina and one from USA) and referee from Canada Jacqueline Walters now is B class.

Championship was organized by Mr. Paulo Zorello, one of pioneers of kickboxing in the world, former World Championship, now President of WAKO Pan Am Confederation, with assistance of President of kickboxing federation of Argentina, Mr. Juan Corrales.

Competition was great organized, there were 450 participants, from nine countries. Quality of fights was very good, and fighters from Latin America are on the same quality range as European fighters.

Most of medals and the best country on competition was Brazil, second and third place were Chile and Argentina.

On Pan Am Gen.Assembly there were members from 9 countries + two proxy. Totally, eleven.There were few amendments on Statute adopted and bylaws were adopted too. New elected President is Paulo Zorello.

On Gen. Assembly were present Mr. Borislav Pelevic and Mr. Nasser Nassiri. President Paulo Zorello thanked them for their dedicated work and support.

Argentina-photo 3

Historical agreement for WAKO: Rob Zbilski (USA) Borislav Pelevic, Paulo Zorello, Nasser Nassiri and Chip Post (USA).

New Board of Directors were elected too, now PAN AM has two Board members from USA: Mr. Chip Post and Mr. Rob Zbilski.Thanks to vise decisions of Mr. Paulo Zorello, the leaders of two American federations made large and historical step for uniting two groups in one American WAKO kickboxing federation.

Dispite very high temperature which made conditions in the sport hall almost impossible for competition, quality of fights was very good, fighters were strong and dedicated.

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