September 10, 2010

Intensive Point Fight Training is the need to bring new standards to training and technical preparation, tactical, strategic, physical and mental point of modern fighters. The current level in W.A.K.O.competitions, such as the World Cups, Irish Open, Bestfighter Tournament, Austrian Flanders Cup Classic – just to name some of the most beautiful, hard, and prestigious European competitions – has truly reached incredible high quality standards. If you want to emerge individually as a group or team the approach to fight point must necessarily be at 360 degrees. It is not sufficient taking care of the technical training needs, it is necessary to be addressed to a global perspective, a perspective in which technical, tactical, strategic, mental and physical aspects have a clear role and are defined. There is more room for improvisation and for this preparation should be done taking into consideration current standards of the sport development. With Point Fight Training I first set out to make a point of reference for enthusiasts, teachers and all point fighters in the world, a place to find motivation, new resources and inspiration. And I must say that facts proved I was right! In less than nine months I held training sessions in 6 different European countries (Germany, Austria, Belgium, Switzerland, Bulgaria and Italy) for a total of 14 intensive trainings and more than 300 people came in direct contact with my idea of a point modern fight. The website has almost 14,000 hits and is daily visited by many people around the world; Pakistan, Argentina, United States, Iceland, New Zealand, just to name few ones… The energy, passion and enthusiasm of those I met, and gratitude that many have shown to me pushes me to go on along this way, sharing my ideas, principles, intensive training and what I learned, and continue to learn every time I step on the mat with all those who are really motivated to improve themselves, both coaches and athletes. If you don’t have time, desire or motivation to come to Milan and have a look at the intensive Point Fight Training House, a wonderful Fitness First gym, very close to the Cathedral, check out the site ( ) which I hope will satisfy your requirements. At the exercise section you will find helpful encouragement for your daily workout, at the Point Fight Hall of Fame you can be inspired reading the exploits of the best Point Fighters of all times, while at the training section you can keep you updated on next training dates. The Intensive Point Fight Training is my own way to keep up my personal motivation, a way to make myself useful to a sport that has given me a lot, giving new visions and standards to other people.

Upcoming Intensive Point Fight Training sessions:

October 9th – 10th, Belgium
October 16th – 17th, Switzerland
October 22nd – 24th, Milan
Intensive Point Fight Training December Date TBA, Italy, Spilimbergo, Friuli, Point Fight Intensive Training Day

Hope to see you soon.
I’m thinking about a few new things that I believe all true fans of point fight will go crazy for!

Gregorio Di Leo

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