February 18, 2010

I believe that one of the elements to become a good athlete is training: quantity and quality. F or this reason I thought of proposing a methodology that would take the best from what I saw in recent years around the world. C ompetition is a fundamental part of an athlete’s life but maybe 90% of the time for a fighter is spent in the gym. Therefore m y desire is to allow all those who deeply love fighting an excellent context of training, a place where, surrounded by people absolutely determined and motivated, you can workout with at a really high intensity.

The Masters who work daily with fighters are forced to coach both professionals and not, or to invent something to maintain the motivation athletes who do not have sparring partners available each day. The IntensivePointFightTraining has born with the aim of giving the opportunity to professional athletes, amateurs, and highly motivated people to train in a new and stimulating context. IPFT do not want to replace the work that teachers do every day with their students, but simply to propose a new methodology from which everyone can draw helpful stimulation to his human, athletic and professional journey.

My project does not only offer training for semicontact fighters but will also cover various disciplines of Kickboxing and martial arts related (Karate and Taekwondo), obviously referring to the great Masters of the disciplines: in late June I am planning a training session with Tomas Barada (Milan) and on February 20th Emanuele Bozzolani will hold a workout at Hejo Dojo in Livorno (Tuscany) dedicated to the techniques of legs applied to full contact fight (which will replicate on May 23rd), on 22nd and 23rd May I will be in Milan for two dates of IntensivePointFightTraining.

You know, when you begin to explore the new you never know what will come out, so I thought of building a Hall of Fame, for the moment this will be limited to semicontact disciplines but I plan to extend it to other areas . Obviously it i s a long and complex job, but I’m sure you will appreciate my effort.

At last, if you visit the site ( ) you can find two sections devoted to training: WOD is about to Workout Of the Day, every day the techniques and training tips; exercise contains videos and explanations of exercises. The main goal of this work is to have a common language.
Now who arrived at the end of this article may go to visit the site, dates of next meeting are in the Training section.
IPFT sessions are limited and available mainly through invitation (even if all those really interested can submit request).
I hope nobody takes it badly, but I think this is the only way to ensure that participants can be followed
very closely and supported in their improvement process. A thletes from Germany, Switzerland, and England have already partecipated demonstrating that the project is successful even outside the national borders of Italy.

Those who intend to participate should start training, workouts are really really hard!

Gregorio “Grillo” Di Leo

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