Kickboxing in Cape Verde, Africa

June 20, 2017

Former WAKO Portugal official Mr. Leonardo Cunha, now living in Cape Verde, small African island in Atlantic Ocean, working for the International Olympic Committee, is still faithful to kickboxing.

On July 5th, kickboxing will be one of the demonstration sports during the event “Fight for the values”, as part of the celebration of Cape Verde independence day.

Cape Verde is a very poor country, with lot of criminal problems, so the event will be for about 1000 children, to practice combat sports.

Cape verde 1

Cape verde 2

Such events are planned for teaching children that sport can be also the tool for social responsibility, for better environment, for helping children in growing up. He was one of the creators of the Cape Verde Olympic committee project named M-Olympics, for gender equality in sports, mainly for encouraging young girls to join sports.

Yassine yousef with leonardo cunha

With cooperation with Mr. Yassine Yousef, responsible for the Olympic solidarity programs of IOC in Africa, Mr. Leonardo Cunha is still working hard to popularize kickboxing in this part of the World!

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