My experience with IOC Young Leaders Application Programme

March 4, 2021

It is with great pleasure for WAKO to publish the following story from the Kickboxing Federation of Singapore.
It is all about to inspire and be inspired and this story simply manifests that we have great resources in our organizations, future leaders, and reading Valencia’s participation in the IOC Young Leaders programme, it is clear that we our members are incorporated in the Olympic Movement. Thank you Valencia!

It has been an amazing journey for me since October 2020 through December 2020 when the chance to attend the IOC Young Leaders Six Weeks Learning Sprint.

Here’s a summary of what I’ve learnt from each week’s course which would end with a weekly assignment I would need to submit and a social media challenge for us to learn from how better we have understood each week’s topic.

Olympism 365 : What does it mean? What is its history? What are the different programmes around Olympism in Action? How does it connect to the Olympic Movement?

Sport & Social Business : How can social business models and approaches be used to solve problems in and through sport?

Problem solving 101 : What are the different approaches used to solve problems? What are some examples of problem-solving approaches used by social businesses?

Phases of developing a solution : What are the phases/steps in developing a solution? What kinds of tools are required? What are some examples from social businesses?

Purpose-driven communication & engagement : How can we communicate in a purposedriven way? How do we use communications tools and platforms to share our problem solving and solutions? Examples of successful communication campaigns

Fundamental project principles : What principles must be considered in developing projects and programmes in and around sport? How do sustainability, gender equality, rightsbased approaches and inclusion tie into sport-based projects?

Though completing the entire process – finishing in the top 80 candidates that were in the running for the top 25 spots for the IOC Young Leaders Programme was a huge achievement for me.

The six weeks learning sprint has taught me so much that Olympism is a daily event. We are surrounded by Olympism in Action every day. I’ve learnt how we can bring change through Sports and how we can churn it into a sports social business project.

It ignited my passion and open my knowledge on the discovery for SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) that has been set out by United Nations and that we too as young individuals can bring real change to the world.

It has furthered my desire to start my own social business project on how I can use Kickboxing to reach the youths in my country.
To use kickboxing to bring about change through sports, in a world today where the global situation of the world seems to be overwhelming.

More young people benefit from finding a community in Sport.

“Sport is contributing to the recovery from the crisis and to creating a better world on the health, social and economic side” IOC President Thomas Bach, UN#75 , 25 June 2020

I have learnt we as a sport organization can provide essential community services. Sports actually has a great social significance by being the glue which bonds communities together.

Week 3

YL 6 Weeks Learning Sprint Certificate Valenciayip

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