January 12, 2008

Dear Coach/Instructor

We take particular and pride in personally inviting you to the largest Martial Arts tournament in Europe . Each year the Irish Open continues to grow and prosper, we continue to attract the worlds best competitors in to the most exciting tournament in Europe . The 2007 Event saw 27 Countries attend with over 2500 + fighters from all over the world on the mat. We had coverage fro satellite sports channel and local national channels.

We have this year decided to change the schedule and also add some further divisions to the very large Black belt divisions in Semi and Light Contact, again confirming our commitment to our chosen sport and giving back to the fighters that deserve same. We are also automating our registration process, to cancel any possible errors.

Other tournaments say they give large cash prizes but to date, no other tournament in Europe has matched the Individual cash prizes fighters get at the Irish Open. Not to mention the amazing winner t shirts, greatly sought after accompanied with the exclusive Irish Open winner SAP gloves, which are always a big hit with the fighters.

The Irish Open committee is delighted to once again associated with the Irish Society for prevention of Cruelty to Children (ISPCC). ALL profits from the 2008 event will be donated to the ISPCC a very just and worthy charity as was the 2007 event.

Without Fear was the slogan of the 2007 Open and it was very true, The 2008 slogan will be. Born to Fight . You will see the who is who of tournament fighting in the world, present themselves on the day. True World class Martial Athletes like.

Raymond Daniels, Jason Bournley Tankson, Andrea Lucchesse, Jack Felton, Morten Spissoy, Harald Schmidtz, Angelopoulos Andreas, Michael Page, Daz Ellis, Dave Heffernan, Gregorio De Lio, Yaz Anderson, Bev Sturzaker, Jem Cambell, Aleksander Kolednik ,Debreczen Denzo, Levante Bertlan, Nizioket Muniosz, Richard Philips, Dezsos Debreczeni, Robbie Lavoy, Jacey Cashman, Corey Caine, Mark Brown, Chris Williams, Peter Edwards,Adriana Tricoci , Melanie Moder, Jennifer Otto, Robbie Mc Menamey, Nicos Memor, Roberto Belotti, Ilija Salerno, Svonko Grible, Domenico Mimmo De Marco, Julie Mc Hale, Denise Daly and Katie Kearney, Zoltan Dansco, Sussite Bernard, Tibor Wappel. The very best of the best in tournament fighting from around the world.

Within forms the likes of Chloe Bruce, Jason Bournley Tankson and Chris Walker, you are sure to be pleased at the incredible night time show.

What a line up, no other tournament in the world has such an eclectic group of world class fighters competing under the one roof, Many may say they have but none can equal the excitement and energy which the Irish Open brings to the tournament Circuit. We also had as usual some of the best referees in the world including, , Steve Winsper, Nevil Wray, Robbie Hughes, Des Leonard , Loyd Allen, Peter Edwards, Joe Tierney, Vinney Murphy, Jim Upton, Liam Whelan , Del Sampson, the games. Without them the event would not be what it is today, the no 1 Martial Arts tournament in Europe, with Coaches Like Gianfranco Rizzi, Marco Ferrarese, István Király to name but a few.

We continue to be amazed at the continued growth of The Irish Open and the level of competition, not just in the elite black belt sections, but also in the white and green belt sections, where many competitors are given the rare opportunity to compete against fighters from other countries at their own level. This is what makes the Irish Open a unique WORLD CLASS EVENT. Whether you come to compete, to train in a seminar, to judge and receive the commemorative shirt and or to attend the spectacular Champions night on Saturday, or just to watch……. Go to and take the action that will light your personal fire and rekindle you passion for our sport…. to learn, to grow, to contribute back, to be inspired…..

Due to the continued success of the Irish Open, its format and schedule are often copied, but the event itself is never equaled, it is unique and the must attend event for 2008 for all serious fighters.

In the words of England ’s Corey Caine “ The Irish Open is A melting pot of martial athletes from all over the world who come together to embrace the toughest challenges Europe has to offer. No politics, no nonsense, no surrender ” well said.

Irish Open Committee

Roy Baker
WAKO Board member

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