May 30, 2011

It’s been almost two years since you’ve been hearing about Gregorio Di Leo’s ‘Intensive Pointfight Training’, and it’s been spreading rapidly ever since… And this is not a result of mere luck or coincidence but -to state it as simply as possible- it works. As a pioneering concept of taking a different approach to ‘pointfighting’ it has formed a gathering of supporters, fans and followers, thus proving that it may be something that needed to ‘happen’ to our beloved sport for quite a while. But why? Yes, people respond to it, there is no need of proof for that, but why do they respond? Why are the Intensive Pointfight Trainings constantly sold out? Why does it work? Here’s my opinion… Exactly a year ago I participated in one of the first Intensive trainings, it was still a fresh concept, word about it had just started coming out, but nevertheless it was a mature methodology and Grillo was proving it. I think at first I thought to myself, (keeping in mind the adjective Intensive was always highlighted and bold on every web article) that it was obviously going to be a hard, tiring and well… intense training. I figured the content of the weekend’s trainings was going to be hard techniques, endurance demanding exercises and probably a glimpse into what makes Grillo, the creator of -what I like to call-the IPFT movement, the recognized fighter he is .Well I’ll tell you now, I was wrong. To define the trainings so typically would reduce their actual value and nature. I won’t tell you what i saw or what I learned that weekend but I’ll tell you what I felt once I left Milan and returned home. I felt I was a step closer to defining my identity as a fighter. I felt stronger and more confident, not in my blitz or my ‘pressing’ (even though they too were much better) but in me.

The next time I stepped on the mat I felt connected to it, I was home. And I know without a doubt that the intensive Pointfight training showed me that, because I think its not about teaching you new things, cool tricks, ‘secret techniques’, but about showing you what you couldn’t already see. A different approach to waking you up maybe… The second time I was at an intensive Pointfight seminar was a totally different experience, and not ‘cause there were different fighters, more countries, or a different program, but simply because it had evolved. A beautiful atmosphere. Fighters, who are opponents, helping each other out, pointing out ways to improve themselves and correct their mistakes…A mutual passion, everybody being ‘in the moment’… An amazing energy all around! And it’s an incredible accomplishment if you take under consideration how many top level fighters attend. The IPFT covers all aspects of what makes a fighter complete. The point is to focus on each one separately but at the same time find the link that combines them. From more tangible factors like physical conditioning and techniques to more challenging ones such as tactics and mental preparation , the Intensive methodology takes a thorough approach into tackling effectively these issues. And the thing is there is nothing selfish about it. Grillo brings in the best. Every session is held by professionals, some of the best in their areas. Variety. What works best for YOU. Because the point isn’t to end up blitzing like Grillo or kicking like Harald and Emanuele.. (Members of the last international training’s ‘DreamTeam’)

(E.Bozzolani, Grillo, D.De Marco)

These trainings are not meant to create copies of other already existing fighters, but to make you the best fighter you can possibly be. The point is to go forward, to progress, to evolve.. not to be content with mediocre but to reach your highest potential. To become what you can be. Push yourself to your limits, break your boundaries and at the same time push the person sweating next to you to their limits, break your boundaries together.. I think that’s what makes this inspiring project great.. That you’re part of it. Moreover, taking a closer to look into how the movement’s developed from it’s start to the present time would be useful in understanding it’s effectiveness. From early 2010 ‘til mid 2011 intensive Pointfight trainings have been held in more than 6 countries such as Italy, Germany , Bulgaria, Belgium, Switzerland, Czech Republic, United Kingdom and International Trainings held in Milan with participations from additional countries like Austria, Norway ,Greece ,Spain, Canada, Ireland. World Class fighters have given their presence to these events. Some on more than one occasion. The truth is, whether it’s a strong argument or not, knowing that World and European Champions are responding to the Intensive Pointfight makes you think ‘hey this must be good’ and you want to join in too. And this is a fact. It also proves that it’s not a project focused on profit but a project focused on our sport, a project focused on passion. People who have done it all, won it all, and sweated for it over and over again our trying to take it to the next level. Make it bigger and better. Though, I will admit, I don’t think these trainings are suitable for everyone.

To be a great fighter you must have character, and fortunately or not, this isn’t a granted fact. Motivation and determination, as important as they are, aren’t the only virtues one must have in order to be an intensive pointfighter . You have to be willing to give in order to get, help make the person next to you better in order for you to get better. Make the competition bigger and more challenging and then be able to.. ‘bring it on’. And that’s why I’ll repeat myself and say it’s a selfless project. But I feel at this point it’s important for me to mention that this isn’t what the Intensive Pointfight Training is, but what it is to me.It’s a glimpse into what the sport really is about. This is my point of view, how I see it. You must experience it in order to be able to evaluate it and then you will undeniably appreciate what the project will give you on a sports and a personal level in return.
The most exciting part about it? it’s only the beginning… give a look to the video..

Georgia Prassinou
(Grece Semi Contact National Team)

Next Intensive Point Fight Training Date
8-19 June Germany
1-2 October England
22-23 October Milan INTERNATIONAL DATE

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