The Kickboxing “Live Together” Programme

April 13, 2018

One of the proud Syrians that took part in the program, Saber Mohammad Khair Alkhateeb , wrote on Facebook: “It was one of the nicest days of my life when I met you and learned from your skills and experience in self defense and kickboxing. I hope to see you again and I hope you will always be fine and healthy and you will stay in my heart.” This says how important sport is.
WAKO is implementing the “Kickboxing Live Together” programme in the big Syrian refugee camp, Za’atary in Jordan. After trips and observations, the first part of “Train the Trainer” programme in Za’atari was completed, and the Live Together have started.
The WAKO Live Together Programme’s main objective is basic kickboxing training for kids and youth, combined with fun, playfulness and engaging activities leading to aggression management. In addition, we create training modules and self defence programme for women.

We have managed a “train the trainer” programme where we instructed coaches inside the camp to lead the basic training. Our responsibility is to monitor and develop it forward.
WAKOs objective is to develop a sustainable academy and expand its programme, separating those who wants basic exercise from those who want to be more goal targeted. In line with this programme we will develop a donation programme, in order to progress.
​WAKO has assigned specialists who have a relevant background to handle such programme. Gianpaolo Calajo, Emanuele Bozzolani, Tirill Nanet Bjørnestad Næss, Domenico Mandalari have designed our program.

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For three days, 10-11-12 April the WAKO instructed coaches from inside the camp and with sporting and/or martial art background who applied through the UNHCR and Peace and Sport to become trainers.
We express our gratitude to SAP, whose managers decided to be our partners, donating all the equipment be used for the refugees free of charge. This is a valuable asset to such a programme.
We are very proud of being able to take this responsibility. This shows WAKO’s engagement in a part of the world where crisis are massive.
Za’atari Syrian refugeea camp is one of the biggest in the world, with 80.000 refugees. We all hope that such camps will disappear soon, but it is obvious, with the war going on in Syria, that this along with other similar camps, will last for a long long time. WAKO’s leaders inspected the conditions and the facilities. This camp is well organized but the conditions are still difficult, even to describe. We absorbed it, understood it and decided to do something about it.

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As Christian Karembeu, one of the sport ambassadeurs said: “Let’s stop talking about refugees, let’s instead talk about fellow human beings who deserve better”. Regardless of the conditions, the refugees we got in touch with were so friendly, curious, smiling, so full of life and so willing to create hope and build the future.
WAKO can use sport as a tool to educate, create pride, dignity, self esteem, energy and confidence. Something to look forward to and to feel a sense of development, discipline and control. Sport can deliver all that. We don’t involve in politics, but only engage in helping people.
Local sport is an important institution in order to create physical fostering. WAKO cares, and our Syrian friends deserve a chance. Sports have no borders and that’s why they matter. Gianpaolo Calajo, Emanuele Bozzolani, Tirill Nanett Bjørnestad Næss, Domenico Mandalari, Tomaz Barada and our Champion for Peace, Zsolt Moradi are heroes because they are making this difference, giving our fellow friends hope, so as they become their own heroes.
#onewako #peaceandsport #WhiteCard WAKO, Because we care!

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