The sport moves on

June 8, 2021

During the lockdown, WAKO Canada took a major lead position in the country by interfacing with provincial and territorial governments on behalf of our sector and all sports. This effort provided kickboxing with important credibility as well as opportunities to secure funding for affected clubs and to support online programs for young participants and coaches.

WAKO Canada is continuing to work to gain government sport recognition with the ultimate goal of obtaining National Olympic Committee (NOC) recognition.

WAKO Canada also has taken a lead to build a stronger infrastructure of national association. Regular training camps and divisions for Tatami sports are incorporated in all of the national and regional competitions held across the country. With the leadership of Veronica DeSantos, Alex Atkinson, Corey MacDonald, David Bossinette and Robbie Wiseman, WAKO Canada has strengthened its commitment towards all Tatami disciplines. With the leadership of newly established National Coaching Committee, WAKO Canada conducted research, supported by the Ministry of Sport, to develop a position paper to revamp National team program. The document -‘Podium Principles’- was planned to be disseminated to all 140 member clubs.

WAKO Canada is proud to recognize many clubs that are implementing incredible and valued programs for special needs populations and vulnerable groups, created by Mike Doherty, one of the WAKO Canada most accomplished athletes at the last world championships 2019. From this first project, his club has begun teaching an adapted kickboxing curriculum for children with autism, cerebral palsy, fetal alcohol syndrome as well as other childhood conditions and some participants in this adaptive program have moved into the regular kickboxing program as their skills and confidence have improved dramatically.

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