October 17, 2011

Zone 4 Trophy (Madagascar VS Mauritius) and national championships 2011, extremely positive for the Malagasy Kick Boxing.

The African confederation of kick-boxing Zone 4, gathering 15 countries (Comoros, Tanzania, Zambia, Malawi, Mozambican, Namibia, Swaziland, Lesotho, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Seychelles Island, Reunion Island, South Africa, Mauritius Island and Madagascar) and headed by the President of Malagasy Federation of kick-boxing, Briand Andrianirina, is a young structure created right after the WAKO African Championship in Libreville Gabon on March 2011.

Despite its recent existence, the Zone 4 has already tried to move on and organize its first Trophy this year between some neighbors members, South Africa, Mauritius Island, Reunion Island and Madagascar. South Africa met Mauritius and Reunion Island met Madagascar on April, 30 th 2011. And the final step was held in Madagascar last September 18 th , 2011. For that event, as all those hled in the past, the Federation is ensured of the support of the Malagasy government and of its partners such as TELMA (mobile phone and internet operator), Free FM (private radio station broadcasting in Antananarivo), BAOBA (official drink), SAMSUNG and the National TV which broadcasted the show in live.

Those competitions were also organized as Madagascar is now preparing to host the African Championship on April 2012, and to make the Malagasy fighters prepared to that event. The President of Zone 4 as also the President of the Malagasy Federation wants to ensure that Madagascar is already pretty ready to host this big African Championship of Nations.

The Zone 4 Trophy shows the level of Malagasy fighters continues to ramp up. The presence of the Secretary General of the Zone 4, the Mauritian Lutchman Rajesh was not fortuitous, Maurice had brought its big guns in taking the final very seriously.
Zone 4 Trophy final results:

Alida Carine (MDA) beats Jessica Jocelyn (MRU)

Julien Rafaralahisoa (MDA) beats Fabrice Bullock (MRU)

Facson Perrine (MRU) beats Patrice Rakotondratsimba (MDA)

James Agathe (MRU) beats Jean Aimé Ratolojanahary (MDA)

Alpha Vonjialitera (MDA) beats Borris Bissonnette (MRU)

Madagascar National Championship 2011

The Malagasy federation also organized its national Championship 2011, last September 08 th , 09 th and 10 th at the National Sports and Culture Palace in Antananarivo, the capital of Madagascar. The national championship showed that the future is assured. 600 fighters (mean age 16 years), from the seven regional leagues fought and saw 39 of them being crowned champions of Madagascar for this year.

In the opinion of all observers, the technical level has significantly changed in the youngest categories, small, cadet and junior. All regions through their leagues were able to highlight talented boxers.
In female categories, the level of fighting promises good international results to come.

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