WAKO Champion -Point of Marketing

May 26, 2016

The power of sport! Some weeks before the UEFA EURO 2016 everybody talks about marketing possibilities in sport, so does the Point of Marketing.

All big players like Coca Cola, T-Mobile, Samsung, Nivea do it. They invest in sport and in the Austrian football team who have qualified for the EURO 2016. But what potential do these testimonials have? What’s the role of content marketing?

Lots of companies use the positive effect of sport for their brands and invest in sport. Showing social responsibility and image care are the main goals of this strategy. But not only very popular sports and their athletes like soccer are of interested for companies and can benefit. Nicole Trimmel, manifold WAKO World- and European champion in kickboxing, acts as brand ambassador of Felix Austria. On stage she talks about how you get a World Champion and how to stay on this top level.

CEO Peter Buchauer explains: “Nicole is the best of the world – Felix wants to be the best of the world too. So there are a lot of things which we have in common. Nicole is also part of the team meetings of the Felix management and acts as a speaker/trainer there for our employees. She is the perfect testimonial for us as she connects everything in one person.” WAKO fighters has current value!

Photos: Christopher Brines



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