WAKO Chile School Championship “Viva La Inclusión 2014”.

August 6, 2014

by Francisco Mutis
WAKO Chile President
WAKO Pan American General Secretary

Next Sunday August 24th 2014 WAKO Chile will host the 2nd. Student Championship “Viva La Inclusión 2014”.

Both athletes with “disability” and athletes without “disabilities” are allowed to attend this event.
Children and young people with partial or total blindness and other “disabilities” have been participating to these championships since 2013.

WAKO Chile has integrated into its official programs activities including athletes with “disability”, who compete as normal with athletes having not “disability”. They train and compete all together in the same way with everyone. This work id helpful to include athletes without differentiating.
WAKO Chile through the Kickboxing, is going to integrate people with special needs to the normal activities without any difference.

All this has been possible thanks to the great work of the Instructors Mr. José Rodríguez Yantén and Mr. Ignacio Rodríguez Morris, who have included Martial Arts and Kickboxing at the School of Special People “Santa Lucía”.

In 2012, the World Champion Gregorio Di Leo, from Italy, visited the school and realized the important work done meeting these children:

This important initiative has lead WAKO Chile to create a new Committe for special athletes.
Our desire is to include everyone in the Kickboxing sport.

“Inclusion begins with integration”.

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