July 18, 2012

by WAKO Chile Team

On Sunday July 8, II TORNEO NACIONAL WAKO CHILE was held on the second date of the national ranking. This event was organized by the Club Kwon Son Chang – Haptooki Mu Sool Chile, sponsored by the WAKO Chile.

The event held in the comfortable precincts of Gimnasio Municipal of San Bernardo, hosted 120 competitors from 11 teams.

The event began with the mode of Musical Forms, where the athlete said Juan Gonzalez, who was medalist in the last South American Paraguay, where he also was voted the Best Competitor.

Then, a special competition, Semi Contact children from 6 years old, about the Representative and President of WAKO Chile said: “I decided to implement this category to encourage children to practice Kickboxing without them affecting your self-esteem, that this category existed only winners with this first experience is not a trauma, is a memorable and happy experience. they entered the TT like any competitor, with all the official equipment and also fought WAKO regulated by official referees, the difference is that the points were counted and eventually earned both athletes, this does not discourage.”

The day had bouts vibrant good level, it is difficult to mention a better category, as all categories including Cadets, Juniors and Adults showed high level.

An important fact to be emphasized, is sponsored by the CCU company through the sports drink GATORADE, who supported this event with sports hydration for athletes and referees. For the first time, an event sponsored GATORADE Sports Contact and / or Martial Arts in Chile, for which the President of WAKO Chile said: “Today we have a motivating collaboration, sponsored by GATORADE, working with the hydration of athletes , factor in athletic performance. for us it is essential to have support, as contact sports in Chile, and in particular Kickboxing, always deliver sporting achievements the country without the sponsorship of companies, so thank GATORADE “.

Another source of pride is on management and collaboration to implement the First Official Kickboxing Software worldwide, where the President of WAKO Chile Mr. Francisco Mutis, was the manager and direct collaborator with the prestigious Swiss company Sportdata, contributing intellectually to the dialing software for Semi Contact points and making improvements to the entire existing system events. No doubt in this matter, Chile leaves a legacy to the world Kickboxing.

The next and last event of selective official will be in August.

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