January 29, 2010

An inaugural meeting was held by WAKO-Korea at the NOVOTEL AMBASSDOR hotel in SEOUL GANGNAM on 24th of January, 2010.

Mr. Un-Young Kim former member of the IOC,
Mr. Yong-Sung Park the chairman of the Korea Olympic Committee,
Mr. Jun-Puo Hong the chairman of the Korea Taekwondo Association (former floor leader of Grand National Party),
Mr. Hea-Sang Moon the vice-chairman of the National Assembly,
Mr. Kwang-Kun Jang secretary general of Grand National Pary,
Mr. Hyun-Kyu Meng member of State Affairs.. ect.

There were many prominent members from the soprts associations or political party that came to celebrate the establishment of WAKO-KOREA. In this inaugural assembly, Mr. Euy-Woong Mah, former member of the Korea Olympic Committee, became the new president of WAKO KOREA.

Mr. Hang-Kyun Oh, a member of the Information Commanding officer, became the vice president, Mr. Yung-Jin Kim internationl lawyer, Mr. Kwang-Yung Lee dentist M.D, Mr. Young-Kyou Hong Korean Mixed Martial Arts Federation, Mr. Bung-Kook Kim president and CEO of Nooriwon.

There are many prominent men that have been elected for the board members of this Wako-Korea.

Wako-Korea includes more than 400 Kickboxing training centers spred out all over South Korea and has already been recognized as a member of Korea Sports Council on 28th of December 2009.

This Wako-Korea has its headquarters in Italy and it is the only organization in Korea that will be representing all Korea Kickboxing soon.

Especially, as we know, Korea is one of the most important countries for martial arts and we have great expectaion for Wako-Korea to grow in future.

Mah Eyu-Woong

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