May 23, 2011

The finals of the Brazilian World Cup of Kickboxing were held on Saturday night (May 14), in the gym hall of Pacaembu, in São Paulo (SP),with a total of 13 fights and in the presence of eleven Brazilian fighting for the top spot on the podium.
The organization was flawless. Everything gone according to what was planned by the Brazilian Confederation of Kickboxing (CBKB).
“I think Brazilian Kickboxing is confirming year by year his excellence with its World Cup,which is unique in the American continent. We had an increase in the number of nations participating, the presence of recognized international athletes, excellent fights and a crowded gymnasium. That only brings us joy and encourages us to continue our work in order to improve always” said Paulo Zorello, president of CBKB.
Among the officials present were: Jorge Pagura (state secretary for sports), Bebeto Haddad municipal secretary for sports), former judoka Henrique Guimaraes (Olympic medalist), Urbano Sacramento, Alessio Gamberini, Paulo Roberto de Souza Pinto (President of Federação Paulista de Futebol Society), Moises Muradi (president of EPHF Jiu-Jitsu), among others. Of the thirteen finals, Brazil – who won the team title of the stage – achieved nine victories, followed by Finland with two, Equatorial Guinea and Portugal, both with one victory.
“Brazil has been showing development within and outside the ring and we can affirm this is the result of a work CBKB is developing in order to improve relations with the leading nations of the sport.
We take part in the main competitions of the World Association of Kickboxing Organization (WAKO), either in adults or at the junior competitions, we have a well-defined internal calendar which is active in various regions of the country, professional and amateur contests, and finally, we are always looking the best for our athletes” celebrates Zorello. MATCHESIn the first match of the night, a surprise: the athlete from Equatorial Guinea, Federico Beaka Alfaro, defeated Rafael Kaiser, from Brazil, by knockout (KO) in the second round.
The Brazilian was better, but felt a concussion after receiving a blow, and could not continue.
In the second fight, valid for Low Kicks, 56kg, female, the athlete from Finland, Camila Viksten defeated Monica Avalo, Argentina, by points, in unanimous decision of the referees.
In fight number three, another victory of Finland: Markus Hakulirer fighter defeated the Brazilian Jorge “Blade” Cesario, in full contact 75kg, also by unanimous decision of the referees. It was just in the fourth match of the night that came the first Brazilian victory, which brought the audience to frenzy: Daniel Matos topped the Finnish Aleski Vanninen, by points, unanimous decision of the jurors.
The fought for Low Kicks 60kg. In the fifth fight of the card, Francisco Araujo Brazilian dispatched the Paraguayan Juan Carlos Balinor early in the initial round, in full contact 91kg.
In the sixth presentation, Low Kicks 71kg, the Brazilian Allison De Angelis beat the Uruguayan Jorge Leite for points in a unanimous decision over the jury.
In the seventh match, the Brazilian Saulo Cavalari passed through the Bolivian Martin Solis by TKO (KOT), in the first round, combat valid for K-1 Rules 91kg.
In the eighth battle, Low Kicks 81kg, another win green and yellow: Luciano Moura do Nascimento, Ghandy, overcame the strong Portuguese player, Jose Domingos Leonildo by points on judges’ unanimous decision. In the ninth match, a European classic, involving Portugal and Italy, in Low Kicks 75kg.
Victory of the Portuguese Ricardo Alexandre Fernandes over Italian Andrea Andrenaci in referee decision.
In the tenth fight, Low Kicks 86kg, Brazilian Juliano Goncalves defeated Paraguayan Victor Hugo Maldonado by knockout in the second round. In the eleventh fight,Low Kicks 91kg, the old South American classic between Brazil and Argentina, with sensational victory of Clei Silva on Lucas Alsina by knockout in the third round, which came after a nice sequence of blows.
In fight number 12, K-1 Rules 75kg, Brazilian Thiago Michel de Minas Gerais, the Uruguayan Luis Perez on points, in another unanimous decision of the referees. At the end, closing the great night of Kickboxing, in a K-1 Rules 81kg fight, Fernando Nonato, home athlete beat Italian Lucian Nubile by unanimous decision of the referees.

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