May 30, 2007

Zoltan Dancso’s professional world champion title defense fight in category 79 kgs, light-contact was held in Szombathely (Hungary) on 25th March 2007.
The challenger was the former amateur world champion of IAKSA, Mr. Bernhard Sussitz from Austria, who had fought with Mr. Dancso several times previously.
The judges of the seven-round-long fight were: Mr. Harald Ehmann (AUT), Mr. Zsolt Polgar (HUN), Mr. Romeo Desa (CRO) and the referee Mr. Peter Galambos (HUN).
Mr. Dancso started the fight with great power and he reached his opponent with several valuable hits and kicks. Mr. Sussitz, after the starting carefulness, also continued with intense attack and tried to answer his opponent worthily. Mr. Dancso definitely had the first round with spectacular actions.

Unfortunately at the very end of the first round Mr. Sussitz stepped on the floor wrong after a kick and injured his ankle. After a short medical treatment the doctor declared the Austrian boy suitable for fighting, who naturally continued the fight. The match was continued and Mr. Dancso gradually got the upper hand over his opponent and the conditional ascendancy of the Hungarian boy was seen very well. From the beginning to end he attacked and used equally the hand and leg techniques and kicked several times his opponent on the head. Mr. Sussitz, in spite of his injury, held on well but his power started to disappear and his injury also hindered him in the fight. However, he fought the seven rounds to the end very fairly.
The judges saw Mr. Zoltan Dancso unanimously better with 3:0 so he defended his world champion belt again.

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