10th KiralyTeam Pointfighting Summer Camp –
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/KiralyTeamSummerCamp

— KiralyTeam International Pointfighting Summer Camp is the biggest pointfighting traning camp at present —

For registration and more information please contact Zsolt Moradi on Facebook or at moradizsolt@msn.com !

KiralyTeam International Pointfighting Summer Camp is the only Pointfighting Masters (aka PFM) event/training camp, where all the PFM Instructors (Istvan Kiraly, Gömbös László Gömbi, László Gömbös, Krisztián Jároszkievicz and Zsolt Moradi) teach for 8 consecutive days together.
KiralyTeam Summer Camp is held only once a year in Csongrad, Hungary organized by the Halker-KiralyTeam Kick-box Akadémia.
Fighters, coaches and parents are welcome to attend AT ALL AGES AND LEVELS!

Place & date: Csongrad, Hungary – 30 July-7 August, 2016

Special Offer of the 10th edition in 2016 :

>Jubilee Special Discount – 50 EUR/day
>Train with 10 WAKO WORLD CHAMPIONS and the whole KIRALYTEAM
>ALL DAY SPARRING with over 130 international pointfighters from 13 different countries

JUBILEE SPECIAL OFFER: We would like to thank you all the previous participants that you made our camp special and the biggest international pointfighting training camp in the world, so this year we give you a friendly 25% discount comparing to the previous camp’s prices.

This year as well KiralyTeam offers a unique opportunity and take coaches, fighters and parents into professional pointfighting training with thematical workshops, video analysis and personal consultations with coaches and parents as well. KiralyTeam Summer Camp is not just the best opportunity to train with the leaders of pointfighting, but the greatest one to become the part of a real homely pointfighting community and have fun during trainings.

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